Face Cards 1 and 2, 2006-2010

Disquiet of the Shadows

Erkan Doganay/Taraf/15.04.2010

(…) Cabbar, as if endorsing the verses in Baudelaire’s poem, ‘The Man Who Tortures Himself’; “I am the wound and the dagger!/I am the blow and the cheek!/I am the members and the wheel,/Victim and executioner”, puts questions to the viewer through his life experiences, and wants to make them as disquiet as himself.

(…) In fact, conflicts between the solitary figures and their shadows in his works shown at the exhibition, entitled Disquiet Shadow, voice a person’s inner struggle. The shadow becomes a free individual performer. Sometimes accompanies the figure in great harmony, sometimes empowers the figure by becoming the main character and at times completes it perfectly.

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