Dunce’s Corner, 2009

Praising the Disquiet

Musa İgrek/Zaman/10.04.2010

(…) The exhibition, as its title suggests, unfolds the burden of disquiet before our eyes as a serious subject. Inspired by Pessoa’s The Book of Disquiet, it brings two injured kids, ill-treated by life, together on the same shores: Fernando Pessoa and Ali Cabbar.

(…) Exiles, alienation, being the odd one always follows him, like a disquiet shadow. When we dig deep into the minimalism of his works, magic appears and absorbs the viewer like an eternal hollow. We see the artist’s face in all his works. It is said that Pessao wrote his books as 70 different personalities. Cabbar too, makes himself understood beneath many different covers. And always points to himself.

(…) Criticism of militarist/authoritarian power mixed with emotions, implications and black humor casts many questions to the viewer.

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